Led Intro/Therapy

This is the perfect class if you are new to yoga, new to Hatha Yoga in the Shadow Yoga method, have any injuries or special needs, or are are returning to yoga after an extended break.

In this class Standing Warm-ups (joint rotations), Uddiyana Bandha, Basic Squats, Linear Salutations, Basic Stances & Seats (Asana), Basic Seated Conclusion including breath work with arm movements (Prana Mudra) & Finishing practises including basic mudra and rub down (Vyapaka) are introduced, workshopped with therapeutic options provided for those that need.

Recommended Book: Five Elements of Hatha Yoga -A Beginners Handbook, By Karen Watson


Led Intro to Preludes

Intro to Preludes classes are open to those who have done at least 8 Intro classes or have similar experience.

Common elements from the preludes will be introduced in these classes. Along with variations to Warm-ups & Squats, Circular Salutations, Basic Asana Arrangements, and Jade Lady Prana Mudra.

* Not currently offered


Led Beginners

Beginners classes are open to those who have done at least 8-16 Intro classes or have similar experience.

The first & second prelude are introduced in these classes, along with material from Intro to Preludes Classes.

Recommended Book: The Principles of Hatha Yoga, Shadow Yoga / Chaya Yoga, By Shandor Remete

Led Intermediate

Intermediate classes are open to those who have done at least a year of Beginners classes, or have similar experience, and have a good grounding with the first & second prelude.

The third prelude is introduced in this class.

*No currently offered

Led General

General Led classes are open to those who have practised Shadow Yoga for 2 years, or have similar experience, and are familiar with all three preludes.

Nrtta Sadhana (Pure Dance) is introduced in these classes.

Recommended Book: Nataraja, The Lord of Multiple Forms, By Shandor Remete & Emma Balnaves

Personal Practice Program

Glide time assisted self practice classes that allow for individual personalised practice. 

Contact Martina about attending these classes.

All regular weekly yoga classes are located at: 

Breathing Space Yoga Group, a peaceful, boutique studio in Newmarket.

The studio is located at 19 Mauranui Ave, Newmarket, Auckland. See location map »

Look for the pavement sign out front, then head round back of the building for the Yoga Studio. 

If you are unsure if any class is suitable for you, please don’t hesitate to contact Martina.

New students

Are these classes suitable for me?

Intro/Therapy and Personal Practice Program classes are suitable for all with some fitness, no major illness or injuries. If you are unsure if any class is suitable for you, please contact Martina to discuss which classes are best fit for you.

Do I need to book?

There is no need to book into regular weekly classes. Other classes, courses and workshops require booking.

When should I arrive?

The studio is open 15 minutes before start time of all Led Classes.

For Self Practice Classes, the studio is open anytime from start time. Please do not come into the studio before this time, as another class may be finishing, teachers may be preparing the space, or doing their own personal practice.

What should I wear?

Please wear clean, comfortable clothing you can move easily in. Generally students wear shorts or tights and fitted sports type tops as when going upside down baggy clothing can be a hinderance.

What should I bring?

All equipment is provided, though we encourage students to bring their own mats if possible. If you are using studio mats, please wipe them down with our alcohol and essential oil based spray provided after use.

What facilities are provided?

We have toilet facilities at the front of the building, though no shower facilities.

More questions?

If you have questions not covered in the FAQs above, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Start your yoga journey with Martina

Whether you are new to yoga or an established practitioner, there is something to suit everyone at Stillness in Movement:

  • If you are new to yoga or Shadow Yoga, our Led Intro class is a great place to start.
  • For individual attention if timings don’t work for you, or you have any particular needs that may not be able to addressed in a group setting, private tuition could suit you.
  • If you have an established practice already, contact Martina to see what class will suit you best.

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