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About Yoga at Stillness in Movement

There are many different methods of yoga. At Stillness in Movement we work with a Haṭha yoga method called Shadow Yoga.

Shadow Yoga is a dynamic, energetic form of Haṭha yoga developed by Shandor Remete, an initiate of the Goraksha Sampradaya of Kanpatha Yogis, who has practiced for over 60 years.

The practice is based upon his practical understanding of ancient classical Haṭha Yoga texts, exploration of present day yoga styles, and other disciplines including martial arts and Kathakali & Bharatantyam dance forms, which all have a common basis in their preparatory forms.

Preparatory forms create the environment for the unfolding of the energetic principles of yoga found in the maps of Hatha Yoga anatomy & physiology, and Indian (marmasthana) & Chinese energetic systems.

According to Hatha Yogic anatomy the body is composed of three discrete bodies and five sheaths (coverings or shadows). The practice of Hatha Yoga has evolved with the purpose of dissolving these shadows, or removing any obstructions on the different layers of one’s being.

The progressive forms (Preludes) of this sustainable practice follow a step by step process (vinyasa krama), adapted to the appropriate pace for each individual through a series of uncomplicated body movements. The simplicity allows the natural responses of the body’s hidden intelligence to surface without the excitement triggered by excessive muscular effort, bringing about changes in flexibility and firmness, cultivating awareness of the rhythmic flow of life force, and unfolding the inner potential of the each student.

It encompasses body-based practices to balance energies, in order to harmonise the mind. These practices include asana & vinyasa (static poses and movements),  breath work (pranayama),  Mudras & Bandhas (energetic seals), Kriyas (cleansing techniques) and Laya (absorption). 

” a well planned yoga session will reflect the saying that all motion ends in stillness while stillness ends in motion” -Shandor Remete

 Shadow Yoga Preludes Forms (Vyayama)

The three Prelude forms of Shadow Yoga are the combination of various warrior (viraparampara) and sun forms (suryanamaskaras) which act as preludes for the asana-vinyasas.

 Balakrama -Stepping into Strength

The first of the Shadow Yoga Preludes is a dynamic form focuses on the foot, ankle and leg work to release deeply held tension and corrects actions of the lower body, building strength & stamina, strengthening the bones, and developing co-ordination & intuitive use of the limbs.

Through the leg work one learns how to use the downward moving energy in the body to bring grounding, stability and move the body up & down with ease.

Uddiyana bandha is used to cultivate the breathe, stimulate the inner fire (agni) and teach the body to engage from the centre.

 Chaya Yoddha Sancalanam -Churning of the Shadow Warrior

The second Shadow Yoga Prelude builds on the first (Balakrama) incorporating a focus on the mid body, bringing the waist to life, breaking down restrictions in the hips and deepens the body’s understanding of how to fold forward. Co-ordination of movement, breath, use of bandhas are refined, and energy within the body is ‘stirred’, or moved, through the energetic channels.

Includes Uttanasana Variations (Standing Forward Bend).

 Karttikeya Mandalam- Garland of Light

The third Shadow Yoga Prelude moves in a circular, spiralling flow with deep waist work, releasing restrictions in the upper back, chest and shoulders. Breath continues to be developed, internal energy is refined and directed, and the preparation is set up for asana work.

Includes Parsarita (Standing Wide Leg Forward Bend) and Trikonasana (Triangle Pose) Variations.


Pure Dance (Nrtta)

With the practice of Nrtta, one rediscovers the rhythmic life currents hidden in the folds and limbs by meaning of  unimposed natural positioning. The stances are narrower or shorter than in the Preludes, which focuses energy more internally rather than out to the limbs as in wider stances of the Preludes.

Ananda Tandava (Dance of Bliss)
Ashta Matrika (Eight Mother Palms)
Long Form: Laysa (Kali’s Dance)
Shiva Tandava (Wild Dance of Shiva)


Start your yoga journey with Martina

Whether you are new to yoga or an established practitioner, there is something to suit everyone at Stillness in Movement:

  • If you are new to yoga or Shadow Yoga, our Led Intro class is a great place to start.
  • For individual attention if timings don’t work for you, or you have any particular needs that may not be able to addressed in a group setting, private tuition could suit you.
  • If you have an established practice already, contact Martina to see what class will suit you best.

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